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When God Doesn’t Heal

You have prayed for healing and it hasn’t happened yet. Now what? Do you need more faith? Is God not happy with your life? Or perhaps it’s something else altogether.


Larry lived by and taught a mixed message of law and grace. One of the greatest lies he taught was the more we please God, the more He will be pleased with us and answer our prayers.

Many in the body of Christ today have made healing a type of law. They believe the reason God hasn’t healed them is because they don’t have enough faith to be healed.


While many books suggest ways to be healed and stay healed, this book addresses what happens when God doesn’t heal. Let’s face it—sickness and disease are bad enough, but to add such issues as feeling God is displeased with us, and He is punishing us because of our lack of faith makes matters that much worse.


In When God Doesn’t Heal, author Larry Silverman blends his understanding of grace into the practical reality of living with sickness and disease, especially detailing his battle and victory over cancer.